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[Phoenix, AZ] – TBL Mission Critical, a leading provider of mission critical solutions, is proud to announce its successful partnership with DCX in the launch of the cutting-edge DCX Goodyear 1 data center. Designed to cater to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other high-performance computing applications, DCX Goodyear 1 is now fully operational and accepting new customers.

Strategically located just west of Phoenix along the Interstate Highway 10 corridor, DCX Goodyear 1 offers fully managed cloud colocation services, revolutionizing the landscape for HPC, AI/ML, and mission-critical applications. Spanning a six-acre campus, the data center currently houses six megawatts of power capacity and two private data suites, with the ability to expand rapidly to over 12 megawatts and six suites. Each modular suite features dedicated critical infrastructure, including ultrahigh-density power and network data suites, uninterruptible power systems, and emergency diesel generators.

“We’ve listened to the needs of researchers and high-performance users, and DCX Goodyear 1 delivers the data center colocation service they’ve always desired,” stated George Slessman, Founder of DCX. With a history of developing advanced data centers globally, Slessman emphasized the importance of providing high-performance system capabilities and the assurance required for clients to achieve their research and operational goals.

DCX Goodyear 1 caters to a wide range of customers, including college and university research teams, private-sector researchers in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, sciences, and technology, as well as advanced HPC and AI/ML projects in large enterprises and government agencies. By offering dedicated and independent critical infrastructure, DCX mitigates shared risks commonly found in large-scale colocation facilities, providing a secure environment for important research and critical applications.

TBL Mission Critical, with its nationwide track record of success and credibility, manages the data center’s critical infrastructure. The data center is powered by Cox Business Internet services, ensuring reliable connectivity, and overseen by TBL to ensure secure and continuous operations.

“We are honored to provide services to this transformative data center that serves as a hub for data and research,” commented Brett Yacko, Director of Sales at Cox Business. “The power of our services combined with DCX’s commitment to reliability ensures 24/7/365 access and support for one of the world’s leading data centers.”

DCX’s expansion plans include other regions across the U.S., such as the Midwest and East, to cater to the evolving requirements of AI/ML high-performance computing data centers. By engineering a unique and future-proof data center service, DCX aims to become the premier provider for users engaged in critical research and innovation.

The City of Goodyear provided valuable assistance to DCX throughout the planning and development stages, demonstrating its commitment to fostering a thriving technology sector in the region.

DCX Goodyear 1 offers fully dedicated critical systems in each suite, redundant power systems with up to 700,000 kilowatts, high rack power densities of up to 30 kilowatts per rack, and multiple points of entry for networks. With the availability of tax credits through the Arizona Computer Data Center Program, DCX is poised to deliver unparalleled service reliability and support the critical work conducted by its users.

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