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General Contracting & Construction

TBL helps you design, build and commission customized, efficient, reliable, and secure critical facilities to meet any scale requirement.

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Improved Efficiency

TBL works closely with your architecture and engineering teams to identify and implement techniques aimed at reducing energy consumption, lowering your operating costs, and improving the overall efficiency of your facility.

Enhanced Reliability

With our proven design and construction services, you can feel confident that your facility is highly reliable, with redundancies built in to ensure maximum uptime and minimal downtime.


A well-designed and constructed facility can be easily scaled up or down to meet changing business needs, providing the flexibility to adapt to evolving requirements.

How We Help

TBL Mission Critical provides tailored solutions to help you minimize downtime, prevent failures, and optimize your infrastructure for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Design and Engineering

TBL offers design and engineering services to create custom-tailored solutions for mission critical facilities. This involves collaborating with architects and engineers to develop designs that meet specific requirements, such as redundant power systems, cooling infrastructure, security measures, and space optimization.

Construction Management

TBL oversees the entire construction process, providing comprehensive project management services including coordinating with subcontractors, managing budgets and timelines, obtaining necessary permits and approvals, and ensuring adherence to building codes and safety regulations.

Site Preparation & Infrastructure Development

Before construction begins, TBL can assist with site preparation and infrastructure development, which involves site assessment, grading, excavation, utility connections, and ensuring proper foundations to support your mission critical facility.

Electrical and Mechanical Systems Installation

TBL provides the installation and integration of electrical and mechanical systems  including power distribution, backup generators, HVAC systems, fire suppression systems, and other specialized systems required to maintain optimal conditions within the mission critical environment.

Procurement and Installation

TBL helps with equipment procurement, ensuring the sourcing and installation of mission critical equipment, and coordinates with vendors to ensure proper installation and integration of equipment within the facility.

Testing, Commissioning, and Handover

Once construction is complete, TBL performs comprehensive testing and commissioning of all systems to ensure proper functionality and performance including rigorous testing of electrical, mechanical, and cooling systems. We also conduct operational checks to verify that the facility meets all specifications and requirements. Finally, TBL assist in the handover of the facility, providing training and support as necessary.

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We’d love to discuss your project and how our team can best serve your mission critical requirements.

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