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Project & Professional Services

TBL helps you navigate complex projects, mitigate risks, ensure quality control, and optimize the performance of your mission-critical facilities.

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Risk Mitigation

Through comprehensive risk assessments, TBL identifies vulnerabilities and develops strategies to address them. By proactively addressing risks we help you minimize potential downtime, data loss, and operational disruptions.

Quality Control

Quality control is paramount in mission critical facilities to ensure the reliability and performance of systems. TBL oversees construction activities, conducts regular inspections, and monitors adherence to design specifications, industry standards, and regulatory requirements to identify and rectify any deficiencies or deviations, ensuring that the facility operates at its optimal capacity.

Performance Optimization

TBL helps you optimize the performance of your mission critical facility to achieve peak efficiency, reduce operational costs and enhance overall reliability. We do this by conducting commissioning and testing activities of power redundancy, HVAC systems, fire suppression, and backup generators.  TBL makes sure that all components function seamlessly and can handle the expected load. Our ongoing monitoring and performance assessments help identify areas for improvement, such as energy efficiency enhancements, system upgrades, and capacity planning.

How We help

TBL Mission Critical provides tailored solutions to help you minimize downtime, prevent failures, and optimize your infrastructure for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Project Planning and Consultation

TBL helps assess your requirements, conduct feasibility studies, define project scope, and provide expert guidance to develop a comprehensive project plan.

Risk Assessment and Management

Mission critical projects entail inherent risks that can impact operations and uptime. TBL conduct a thorough risk assessment, identifies potential vulnerabilities and develops strategies to mitigate risks including analyzing power and cooling systems, assessing security measures, and implementing disaster recovery plans.

Vendor and Supplier Management

Managing vendors and suppliers is essential for the success of your project. STBL can assist in identifying reputable vendors, negotiating contracts, and managing vendor relationships including ensuring timely delivery of equipment, monitoring quality control, and coordinating with vendors for the seamless integration of systems.

Project Oversight and Quality Control

TBL provides regular monitoring and inspection of construction activities, ensuring adherence to design specifications, industry standards, and regulatory requirements. We oversee the project, conduct audits, and implement quality control measures to ensure the facility’s integrity and performance.

Commissioning and Testing

TBL’s commissioning services involve thorough testing and validation of mission critical systems before they become operational. We conduct performance tests, functional testing, and reliability assessments to ensure that all systems function as intended including testing power redundancy, HVAC systems, fire suppression, and backup generators to verify optimal performance.

Training and Documentation

TBL offers training programs tailored to the specific systems and processes within your facility. We also assist in creating operation manuals, standard operating procedures, and documentation of equipment configurations to ensure smooth operations and facilitate future maintenance and upgrades

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We’d love to discuss your project and how our team can best serve your mission critical requirements.

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